How Optimax 610 Advanced Neat Cutting Oil Improved a Customer’s Operating Efficiency on Sliding Head Machines and Saved Money

What was the situation? (Market Segment, Application, Machine/Equipment, Materials,
Tooling, Filtration, Services etc)
The customer operates in the Sub-Contract Engineering segment, and supplies a number of industries
but most notably Aerospace. The company operates a wide range of machine tools including 13 Sliding
Head Lathes comprising of machines from Citizen, Tornos, Deco and Star.

Due to the nature of its business the company manufacture components from a variety of materials.

What was the problem? (Explain the problem and where possible the process in determining
the root cause to the problem)
The company operates 24 hours with unmanned machining taking place on the sliding heads, some
years ago a fire broke out on one machine and it was decided to improve the flashpoint to move to
higher viscosity product on this machine. This led to 2 different cutting fluids being used in the shop and
caused problems with stockholding and by its very nature the heavier oil was carried out in the swarf
leading to increased consumption.

The other fluid being used across the shop gave excellent results but was based solely on Ester and as
such was very expensive.

What was the solution? (Details of our proposal or recommendation)
After evaluating the situation, Optimum recommended moving all of the Sliding Head Lathes to Optimax
610, this product has a very high flashpoint which solved the problem of the higher viscosity fluid,
additionally its performance levels were as good if not better than the Ester in use as the main product,
but due to its unique formulation it was more cost effective than the Ester.

How was the solution Implemented? (Include what we did as a service to the customer)
Optimax 610 was miscible with the 2 products in use and was added as top up to all of the Sliding Heads,
2 machines were identified and regular laboratory analysis has taken place to check stability and flash
point, the product has remained consistent throughout.

How did the Customer benefit? (Quantify savings in OEE, maintenance & repair, people,
indirect materials & improvements in HSE etc)
The customer has benefitted as he now only has 1 neat cutting fluid in use and as such has reduced his
inventory, and any opportunity to top up with the wrong product has been eliminated, additionally the
unit cost has been reduced along with the amount of fluid in use….COST SAVINGS!

The performance of Optimax 610 in the machining process has been excellent across this range of

  • Stainless Steal
  • Mild Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Phosporous Bronze
  • Swedish Iron
  • Aerospace Stainless Steel
  • Radiometal
  • Titanium
  • Monel
  • Copper
  • Plastics, PTFE, Acetal, Nylon 66, Nylatron, Delrin,
  • Berylium Copper
  • Tellurium Copper

What was the conclusion?
Through the introduction of Optimax 610 the customer has saved money, reduced complexity and has a
better understanding of the fluid in use.