Bus & Coach

It takes a lot of care to keep a fleet on the road. A one-size-fits-all approach will not do.

As the UK’s market leader in the Passenger Service Vehicle sector, Optimum Oils understand the rigours and demands of the road. We have strategic partnerships with major oil companies allowing us to supply over 1,000 product and pack combinations.

This extensive product portfolio along with our individualised support keeps your fleet working harder, faster and longer.

Optimum Oils is a market leader in the Passenger Service Vehicle sector for national and independent operators. We supply a comprehensive range of engine, transmission and final drive lubricants, Adblue® and high performance antifreeze/coolants.

Providing solutions for national and independent operators since 1997, Optimum Oils can maximise road time for mixed fleets from short, high intensity urban cycles to long distance journeys.

Optimum offers a wide range of high performance lubricants for extended drain intervals and energy efficiency, all are approved to OEM specifications. We offer oils and coolants to meet the latest Euro Emission Standards including Euro VI.

We are suppliers of AdBlue®, a DEF solution used to lower Nitrous Oxide concentration in the exhaust emissions of diesel engines. AdBlue® is available in all pack sizes throughout the UK.

Anything else – please ask one of our product application specialists – 01242 253 333 – info@optimumoils.com – click here for contact form