5-Star Service Offer

At Optimum Oils, we have worked hard to be acknowledged as a leading provider of lubricants, antifreeze, fuel and Adblue® to the bus and coach industry.

Technology, legislation and products change frequently and Optimum works hard to be on top of changes that affect our customers.  In addition to its best-in-class product offering we have developed a Five Star package bringing a range of innovative services to keep your fleet on the road all yea

1. Optimum ‘Night Exercise’

When your vehicles come back to the depot for night time refueling, our team will be waiting to test the condition of the engine oil.

  • We test for fuel and water dilution on site with immediate results
  • We send samples of the oil to an independent laboratory to test for degradation, contamination or depletion of additives
  • A simple traffic light system shows the health of the oil. We help you understand the result as they apply to your use

Optimum is also working exclusively in the UK with AVT for ‘Rapid Oil Checking’ where the system works on a comparative basis, testing the used engine oil against a known fresh sample of engine oil to determine its useful life remaining.

2. Optimum Equipment Audit

We supply a range of lubrication and process fluid service equipment, from simple to complex turnkey projects such as:

  • Storage: oil tanks, bund trays and other spill protection products
  • Distribution: pipe work, pumps, and metering systems
  • Dispensing items: oil jugs, grease guns and dispensing trolleys
  • Conditioning equipment

Our technical team will gladly audit and specify your exact requirements to ensure that your business complies with HSE legislation, in particular the ‘Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) England Regulations 2001’.

Optimum can also offer very competitive financing rates if required.

3. Optimum Product Rationalisation and Survey

Optimum can prepare a lubricants and antifreeze survey to ensure that the correct grades are used in the correct application according to OEM requirements. We aim to reduce complexity and stockholding by tailoring your offer to the minimum of grades, without compromising OEM specifications.

4. Optimum Antifreeze Check

The correct antifreeze product in the right concentration  is critical to the health and serviceability of engines. The coolant capacity of modern systems is smaller and operating temperatures and pressures are higher. In addition, greater use of lightweight materials such as aluminium increases the risk of corrosion.

Our dedicated service engineers are trained to test absolute antifreeze dilution on site. This way, we can ensure that you use the correct antifreeze in the right concentration

5. Optimum Stock Management Systems for Lubricants, Antifreeze, AdBlue® & Fuel

Optimum tank monitoring systems can be used to deliver tanker loads of various liquid products including Lubricants, antifreeze, AdBlue® and fuel.

Using data from customer records or a tank monitoring system such as ‘Telemetry AUTODERV’ or ‘Telemetry AutoBlue’ at your depot or garage, we can reconcile stock every week to ensure you have the quantities your need when you need them.