Calguard is a hybrid antifreeze and coolant, based on silicate and carboxylate inhibitor technology. Based on nitrite, amine and phosphate free monoethylene glycol (MEG), Calguard provides maintenance free protection against freezing and boiling with excellent corrosion protection in cooling systems when mixed with the appropriate levels of water.

Recommended for all vehicles / mixed fleets upto and including Euro 5 requiring G48 specification


  • Efficient and long lasting corrosion protection: utilising a combination of silicate and carboxylate inhibitor technology
  • Maintenance-free protection against freezing and boiling: ethylene glycol based fluid
  • Extended coolant life: low depletion rates of the corrosion inhibitor package
  • Excellent seal compatibility: no adverse effects on rubber hoses and gasket materials

Compatibility & Specifications Calguard is compatible with most other coolants based on ethylene glycol and fully meets BS6580 standard in addition to most OEM specification requirements. Product Variant & Packs Calguard is available in concentrate (neat) form or as a 50/50 premix solution with demineralised water in bulk, IBC & barrels.

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Download Calguard Technical Data Sheet

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