As the technology advances, engines are running hotter than before, therefore your choice of cooling systems is vital. Optimum Oils has the expertise to help you choose the right product to protect your engines all year round and avoid costly mistakes.

We offer a range of high performing antifreeze/summer coolant products with a variety of type and level of corrosion inhibitor packages classed in the following technology types:

 Traditional  Hybrid  Lowbrid OAT
Caflon BS6580  Caflon SI-Hybrid Caflon SI-OAT Caflon OAT

All of Optimum’s products are available in 100% concentrate (neat) form or 50/50 premix with demineralised water. All products are available in bulk, IBC or barrels.

The Technology Types Explained

Traditional: Coolants formulated with mineral inhibitors only

Hybrid Coolants: The combination of mainly mineral inhibitors together with a small percentage of organic

Lobrid Coolants: The combination of an organic backbone with a small percentage of mineral inhibitor

OAT (Organic Additives Technology) Coolants: Organic coolants use virtually non-depleting corrosion inhibitors