Petro-Canada Peerless XCG-Flex Coupling Grease


High speed couplings are a unique application from the standpoint of satisfactory lubrication. The combination of high speed and a sizeable diameter can mean that very high “G” forces, or centrifugal forces, are generated in these components. That’s why with metallic grid, chain, or gear couplings, you need a grease which has a high base oil viscosity and a low tendency of oil/thickener separation. The grease must prevent oxidative fretting corrosion, reduce wear under potentially high gear tooth loading and vibration, resist water wash-off and rusting.

Petro-Canada PEERLESS XCG-FlexCoupling Grease meets the requirements of the ANSI/AGMA 9001-B97 standard for coupling grease specifications CG-1 and CG-2. This grease also meets performance requirements relative to competitive coupling grease products.

Performance Benefits

Excellent Resistance to Oil Separation

Retention of oil in the thickener means it can lubricate between re-lubrication intervals. The percentage of oil separated after eight hours of centrifuging @ 36000 rpm is zero.

Excellent EP and Antiwear Properties

High Timken OK loads (29.5 kg) and 4-ball weld points (500 kg) are achieved with this product. The high base oil viscosity and carefully selected additives are instrumental in preventing wear.

Unparalleled Rust Prevention

Rust Prevention is provided by the unique calcium sulphonate complex thickener, which is used in combination with water-resistant polymers to thicken the grease.

Resists Hardening

This grease has a superb oxidation resistance of just a 6 psi drop after 1000 hours in the bomb oxidation test.

Resists Wash-off

The polymer in the grease, while preventing oil separation, has also given superb results in the GM panel spray-off test (20%). Most greases give values in excess of 50% in this test.

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