Q8 T65 75W90

Q8 T65 75W90 is a Synthetic Automotive Gear Lubricant

Available in Bulk, IBC, 208L, 20L


  • In heavy duty driveline components (such as rear-axles, final drives and selected manual transmissions) requiring special low temperature fluidity to reduce fuel consumption or facilitate gear shifting.


  • Q8 T 65 may be used as gear lubricant in manual transmissions, rear axles and final drives, when any of the following specifications is used to describe the required lubricant quality:

What this product covers

  API GL-5
Mercedes Benz 235.0
Volvo 97312
ZF TE-ML 05A, 12A, 17B


  • Based on synthetic base-oils
  • Provides excellent low temperature fluidity and facilitates equipment cold starting
  • Facilitates gear shifting at low temperatures and extends equipment life
  • Facilitates gear shifting in selected 5-speed manual transmissions
  • Offers fuel economy and reduces driveline operating temperatures
  • Reduces internal friction and protects against gear wear
  • Prohibits corrosion and protects against rust

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Download Q8 T65 75W90 Technical Data Sheet

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