Astrosol A

Application Areas

ASTRO-SOL A is designed for use in all metal cutting applications including CNC milling, turning, drilling, tapping, reaming, grinding and sawing operations on both Ferrous and Nonferrous materials.


ASTRO-SOL A’s machining performance across a wide range of applications and materials it provides an excellent opportunity for product rationalisation which is key for most SME engineering companies.


This chlorine-free formulation is especially suited for aerospace and other applications which restrict the use of chlorine. ASTRO-SOL A has exceptional foam control for high pressure operations even in soft water areas and is also hard water stable preventing scumming and soap formation. The products’ ability to resist extreme biological degradation provides for a long sump life in properly maintained coolant systems.

Another innovative feature of ASTRO-SOL A is that it is compatible with most other water extendable mineral oil based coolants. It can just be simply added in its diluted form to coolant sumps for top up purposes of other products, negating the need for expensive cleanouts, disposal and manufacturing downtime until an appropriate time to do so. Of course the full benefits of the performance of the Astro-sol A will not be realised until appreciable top ups have been made. It will however ensure that any bacterial contamination or machining issues will be gradually improved by using this material.


  • Eliminates Need for Tank-side Additives
  • Mild Pleasant Odour
  • Excellent Corrosion Inhibition
  • Long Lasting
  • Excellent Hard Water Stability
  • Operator Friendly

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Download Astrosol A Technical Data Sheet

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