Q8 T760 10W30


T760 10W30 is a high performance synthetic heavy duty engine oil with Low Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur content (Low SAPS) designed for lubrication of latest USA EPA 2007, Euro IV, Euro V & VI diesel engines. Low viscosity grade SAE 10W-30 offering Fuel Economy Improvement.


  • Q8 T 760 is specially recommended for vehicles with latest high performance diesel engines meeting USA EPA 2007, Euro V and Euro VI environmental requirements.
  • All EPA 2007, Euro V and Euro VI diesel engines equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or catalytic after treatment systems (such as SCR) operating on low sulphur diesel fuel (50 ppm or below) and under severe heavy duty conditions.
  • Extended oil drain intervals as indicated by the OEM for high quality diesel engine oils can be applied.

What this product covers

OEM SPEC Euro Rating & backwards
Cummins CES20081 VI
MAN M3575 VI
Mercedes Benz MB228.31 V
Scania LA VI
Volvo VDS-4 VI


  • Specially developed formulation for ACEA E9 and API CJ-4 applications
  • Minimizes diesel particulate filter (DPF/CRT) plugging
  • Protects catalytic after treatment systems (SCR)
  • Excellent protection against bore polishing and cam wear
  • Offers prolonged oil drain intervals and reduces maintenance costs
  • Provides quick lubrication after cold starting thus limiting engine wear
  • Prevents engine fouling due to combustion soot

Available in Bulk, 208L, 20L, 4L & 1L

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