Automotive Grease

Through our strategic supply partner Q8Oils Optimum can offer a range of superior quality grease in a variety of packs.

Q8 Rembrandt EP2

Multipurpose Grease with EP properties for industrial and automotive applications


Rembrandt EP2 classification;

DIN 51502 KP2K-30



  • Excellent roll stability
  • Long service life
  • Temperature resistant up to 130 °C for Q8 Rembrandt EP1, EP2 & EP3
  • Excellent anti-wear properties especially for bearings operating under shock load or vibrating conditions
  • Excellent rust-protection even in the presence of water
  • Easy pumpability due to its smooth structure

Q8 Rubens EP2.5

Heavy duty lithium complex soap grease for automotive and industrial applications

NLGI 2.5

Lithium Complex Soap

• Long service life

• Suitable for both plain and anti-friction bearings

• Extended bearing life due to wear, rust and corrosion protection

• Gives excellent protection over a temperature range of –30° to 140°C and can cope with peak temperatures of 180°C for short periods

• True multi-purpose characteristics allow rationalisation and reduce the risk of incorrect application