Q8 Rubens EP2.5

Rubens EP2.5 is a NLGI 2.5 grease formulated from solvent-refined mineral oils and lithium complex soap with the addition of anti-oxidant additives and rust inhibitors.


Q8 Rubens EP2.5 is recommended for use in heavily-loaded plain and anti-friction bearings in both automotive and industrial applications. In the automotive sector, it is ideal for the lubrication of wheel bearings on heavily-loaded buses and trucks, particularly when subjected to the high temperatures generated by disc brakes. It is also an excellent grease for high temperature and heavy shock-loaded applications in the metal manufacturing, mining and quarrying industries.


  • Extremely resistant to water washing
  • Improved water stability over conventional lithium greases
  • Wide service temperature range


  • Long service life
  • Suitable for both plain and anti-friction bearings
  • Extended bearing life due to wear, rust and corrosion protection
  • Gives excellent protection over a temperature range of –30° to 140°C and can cope with peak temperatures of 180°C for short periods
  • True multi-purpose characteristics allow rationalisation and reduce the risk of incorrect application

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