Nyco Gas Turbine Oils

Optimum are approved by leading turbine manufacturers to supply a range of Nyco Synthetic Gas Turbine Engine Oils principally for the Ground and Marine power generation industries as well as for the Aerospace sector.


Synthetic Aviation Turbine Oil

TURBONYCOIL 600 is a lubricating oil with a viscosity of 5 cSt at 100°C cSt designed for use in gas turbine engines in military and civil aircraft as well as in stationary industrial applications. It has excellent resistance to foaming and has superior lubricity. TURBONYCOIL 600 has logged over 2,5 million hours operation in stationary gas turbines since 1986.

TURBONYCOIL 600 is validated for use on the following stationary engines:

General Electric

All marks of LM turbines (from LM 500 to LM 6000)


Allison 501K


All marks of RB 211 & AVON, Olympus, Tyne, Spey for Industrial & Marine applications.