Quintolubric Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oils

Through our supply partner Quaker we are able to offer a specialist Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil – QUINTOLUBRIC 888-46.


QUINTOLUBRIC 888-46 has been designed to operate in oil hydraulic systems and fulfils

the requirements set for fire resistant hydraulic fluids of the type HFD-U.

Major applications : Steel industry

Non-ferrous industry

QUINTOLUBRIC 888-46 is based on synthetic organic esters and contains optimised

additive packages. It does not contain water, phosphate ester or chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Unlike mineral oil, QUINTOLUBRIC 888-46 provides a very high level of fire resistance.

As an alternative to mineral oil, QUINTOLUBRIC 888-46 can be applied in ecological

sensitive areas since the product has a low water endangering class and is very good

biodegradable. QUINTOLUBRIC 888-46 assures a long fluid life and can be applied in

systems that run under severe conditions in combination with little fluid refreshment.


QUINTOLUBRIC 888-46 is used as received. Pre-filtration is not necessary, because the

fluid is filtered during production. Its high viscosity index and low pour point make it

suitable for use at a wide temperature range. It has good cold start-up properties and offers

a high viscosity at increased temperatures. To prolong fluid life the maximum

recommended operating temperatures for QUINTOLUBRIC 888-46 are :

  • In the reservoir max. 55° C
  • In the system max. 70° C


Good fire resistant properties :

Approved by Factory Mutual Approvals as Group 1 fluid

  • Excellent lubrication properties
  • Long fluid life
  • Low aquatic toxicity :

Water Endangering Class (WEC) = 1

  • Biodegradability >80% according OECD 301-C
  • Not irritating to skin
  • Excellent shear stability
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Compatible with standard seal materials
  • Cleanliness : max. NAS 1638 class 6 in bulk | max. NAS 1638 class 7 in containers/drums
  • Energy saving because of low density compared to other HFD type fluids