RPAM 700 Aqueous Synthetic Corrosion Inhibitor


RPAM 700 provides industry-leading technology and performance to protect metals from corrosion during testing of internal combustion engines.

RPAM 700 is a 55% solids in-process aqueous amine carboxylate corrosion inhibitor primarily intended for use as a dilutable fluid to protect, flush, and clean the cooling system/engine blocks during testing of internal combustion engines. RPAM 700 is engineered to be fully compatible with ferrous alloys such as cast iron, and steel, “white metals” (aluminium, zinc, magnesium) and “yellow metals” (copper, brass, and bronze) including all alloys of those metals. RPAM 700 contains a select blend of volatile corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) components such that when the liquid phase wets the substrate and is drained, the thin film emits these components to further protect the headspace against corrosion allowing engines to be shipped without coolant.

Wetting agents have been incorporated into RPAM 700 to allow for a more even film coverage, especially for complex surfaces and geometries.

Because of the full compatibility and the VCI quality of the product this product can be used to protect any high-value closed-loop systems such as radiators and heat exchangers.

  • RPAM 700 is compatible with all high-grade elastomers such as fluorinated or acrylonitrile that it may come in contact with.
  • RPAM 700 contains no phosphates, silicones, nonylphenols, dicyclohexylamine (DCHA), diethanolamine (DEA) or nitrites and is compounded with components generally regarded as safe for greater operator acceptance.
  • RPAM 700 is very low foaming and is an effective rust inhibitor at low concentrations. Due to the product’s solubility, you can tailor its concentration to meet your protection requirements, however, it is generally used at 5–15% concentration.
  • RPAM 700 forms a nearly imperceptible film on machine parts for excellent corrosion protection without forming a sticky residue. It is also compatible in a wide range of water hardness. The clear dilution makes it an ideal choice for leak test baths as well.
  • RPAM 700 is designed primarily for indoor protection only, and is typically used as a 5–15% solution and is typically sprayed but can be used by dipping or even brushing.