Q8 Bach XNF

Q8 Bach XNF is just one of the many product ranges in the Q8 Bach metalworking series. The series covers active and non-active products at optimum, high and extreme levels of performance.


Q8 Bach XNF products are chlorine free, non-active neat cutting oil for machining of light and medium alloyed steels and non-ferrous metals, such as copper and aluminium.


  • The additives incorporated in this grade make it an ideal recommendation for the machine shop where one oil is used for the maximum number of operations on different metals
  • Typical applications (guide only):
Grinding, drilling and turning Q8 Bach XNF 6
Deep hole drilling: Q8 Bach XNF 10
General machining: Q8 Bach XNF 15 & 28
Broaching and gear hobbing: Q8 Bach XNF 36
  • A non-active type general purpose cutting oil, chlorine-free, light in colour, low in odour and well suited for the general machining of stainless steels and recommended for severe machining operations involving non-ferrous metals and high tensile steels
  • Q8 Bach XNF 36 can also be used as dual-purpose oil, i.e. as metalworking fluid and hydraulic oil.   

There is no dilution of EP additives should the hydraulic oil leak into the cutting oil bath.


  • Very light colour
  • Q8 Bach XNF 36 is a dual purpose oil, i.e. also suitable as hydraulic oil
  • Almost no odour
  • Oxidation stable
  • Minimum mist formation
  • High cutting power
  • Long tool and oil service life

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
High removal performance For very severe operations
High oxidation stability Long oil life
High performance additives High load properties
Free of chlorine and heavy metals Human exposure acceptable products
High tool life Reduces costs
High surface finish of workpieces No re-works
  • The formulation is based on high quality hydro-treated mineral oils.
  • Suitable for copper and copper-alloys; no risk on staining

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Download Q8 Bach XNF 6 Technical Data Sheet Download Q8 Bach XNF 15 Technical Data Sheet Download Q8 Bach XNF 36 Technical Data Sheet

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