Additional Services

Oil Conditioning Monitoring Analysis

Determine the health and condition of your oil and equipment by sample analysis. Oil conditioning monitoring analysis is ideal for both a once-off healthcheck or as part of your routine scheduled testing.

How it works

  • An independent laboratory tests the chemical and elemental composition of oil for degradation, contamination or depletion of additives
  • We look for early indication of mechanical component or process failure by testing your equipment for wear or insoluble metals
  • A simple traffic light system shows the health of the oil. We help you understand the result as they apply to your use

Equipment Supply

We can supply a vast range of lubrication and process fluid service equipment including:

  • Storage: oil tanks, bund trays and other spill protection products
  • Distribution: pipework, pumps, mixing units and metering systems
  • Dispensing items: oil jugs, grease guns and dispensing trolleys
  • Conditioning equipment: oil purifiers, clarifiers, tramp oil separators, filtration equipment and water treatment
  • Cleaning equipment: industrial vacuum and swarf extractors
  • Recovery and Recycling: our ‘Optimiser’ enables reuse of your water-based process fluids including sterilisation units, swarf wringing and briquetting equipment
  • Waste treatment systems

Waste Management Solutions

We can provide waste management services covering storage, collection, treatment, disposal, reprocessing and recycling of your waste oils and other hazardous materials.

Opti-care Programme

Optimising the performance of your lubricants and process fluids is key to keeping your business moving. With our Opti-care programme, you can use our experience to not only enhance the performance of your equipment, but your business too.

Many of these services are included as standard when you choose us as your supplier. All are available to you should you need them. We’re happy to discuss how Opti-care can bring value.


  • Programme design including scope
  • Products and Additives
  • Environmental audits
  • Internal logistics inc waste plans
  • Oil condition monitoring
  • Training
  • Scheduled job patterns
  • Change management
  • Programme performance indicators
  • Accountabilities and Responsibilities
  • Product control plans
  • Stock holding / Warehousing and control
  • Service equipment requirements
  • People resource
  • Work instructions
  • Safe work procedures
  • Visual management
  • Continuous improvement