Antifreeze HD

Antifreeze HD is a general purpose nitrate, amine and phosphate-free monoethylene glycol (MEG)-based antifreeze and coolant built on silicate and nitrate inhibitor technology. It offers maintenance-free protection against freezing and boiling as well as excellent corrosion protection.


  • allows maintenance-free protection against freezing and boiling
  • excellent corrosion protection in cooling systems when mixed with the appropriate amounts of water
  • protects from freezing down to -37⁰ c

Compatibility & Specifications

Meets BS6580 2010 standard

Product Variants & Packs

Antifreeze HD is available in concentrate (neat) form or as a 50/50 premix solution with demineralised water in bulk, IBC & barrels.

Download Technical Data Sheet

Download Antifreeze HD Technical Data Sheet

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