Tank Side Additions


Antifoam 330 – Developed from new technology, it is considered silicone free compared to other dimethylpolysiloxane-based antifoams.


  • 100% active product
  • Very low use concentration
  • Works quickly
  • Excellent long-term efficiency
  • Contains modified organic siloxanes

Water Hardener

Additive CA-25 an additive which provides antifoaming adding extra calcium ions


  • With a dose of 130ppm (=0.13 ltr ㎥), Additive CA-25 gives a waterhardness increase of 17 ppm (2°TH, 1°dH)

Maintenance Biocide

Contram ST1-50 a highly concentrated industrial bactericide based on tetrahydrooxazines. Owing to its good solubility this preserving agent is suitable for oily as well as aqueous systems.

Contram ST1-50 is effective against gram-negative and gram positive bacterias.

High Performance Fungicide

Acticide MR870 is a substantive fungicide used for the treatment of water miscible coolants and cleaners.


  • Very fast acting
  • Depletes normally within 48 hours
  • Relatively low dosage with high effect

High Performance Biocide

Acticide 14 is a VOC-free, concentrated isothiazolinone based biocide for the wet-state preservation of formaldehyde sensitive formulations, for industrial water treatment and for the production of preservative products.

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