Quakercool 7101 ALF


Quakercool 7101 ALF is a water dilutable product specifically designed for machining of aeronautical materials such as aluminium. It is also suitable for machining and grinding operations on most engineering materials.

Recommended for all machining operations on steel, cast iron and aluminium alloys.

Concentration range: 6 – 12 % depending on type of operation

Make up water hardness: 90 – 270 ppm (9 – 27 °TH, 5 – 15 °DH)


Operations Materials
Turning Cast-iron
Milling Steel
Drilling High Alloy Steel
Deep Hole Drilling Stainless Steel
Tapping-Threading Aluminium Alloys
Reaming Copper Alloys
Broaching Titanium
Main Application
Possible Application


  • Formaldehyde free
  • Good anti-corrosion properties on all metals
  • Excellent lubrication properties
  • Maintains clean machine surfaces
  • Approved SNECMA according to the doc 455-201-0-00 Ind B.
  • Meets the AIRBUS norma ASN42302 (EADS).

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