Houghton Hocut 4940 Shows Major Improvement: Aerospace Case Study

Hocut 4940 Aerospace Case Study 

A leading engineering service provider specialising in the design and manufacture of solutions for many prestigious Aerospace OEMs and Tier I suppliers (e.g. Airbus, BAE Systems, Bombardier) was looking to improve operations. The company has five strategic business units supporting the Aerospace sector.

Their primary objectives were to reduce cycle times, increase feed rates, and reduce the number of tool changes per shift. They were losing an average of one hour of productivity for each roughing cycle.

To overcome their difficulties, Houghton recommended HOCUT® 4940 coolant with its new, advanced lubricity package and excellent wetting properties. HOCUT® 4940 provides superior cutting performance and reduced tool wear enabling the customer to better execute titanium machining with both lower cost of operation and higher productivity.

Once HOCUT® 4940 was introduced, there were a number of benefits achieved versus the incumbent coolant:

  • Tool life increased by 150% from 20 minutes to 50 minutes
  • Feed rates increased reducing machining cycle time per component by 1.5 hours yielding a 40% increase in productivity
  • Coolant concentration of the working fluid was reduced to 7% versus the competitive fluid which was run at 15%
  • Coolant usage reduced by 21 drums of concentrate per year