Bonderite L-MR 21974


BONDERITE L-MR 21974 is a water-miscible cutting fluid for medium to heavy-duty machining of aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, high alloyed steel and all other types of steel.

Brass and cupper, etc. can be co-machined in a material mix as well.


BONDERITE L-MR 21974 is a mineral oil based general purpose coolant, suitable for a wide range of operations and water hardness (5 – 60 °GH).


Emulsions made from BONDERITE L-MR 21974 are nearly odourless.

By using Henkel´s patented emulsifier system, BONDERITE L-MR 21974 generate a long lifetime, also because of it’s high hard water stability.

BONDERITE L-MR 21974 is free of boron, Formaldehyde Releasing Agents and of EP-additives based on chlorine, sulfur and phosphorus.

The high lubricity of BONDERITE L-MR 21974 extends the tool life time and reduces the process costs.

The excellent cleaning performance of BONDERITE L-MR 21974 keeps the machine clean and reduces the maintenance cost, also e.g. in a following cleaning step.

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