Repsol Cable Compound – Tech Data

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The RLESA Especialidades compounds for special cables and traction cables have been designed to protect and lubricate traction cables in lifts, cable cars and cranes, preventing corrosion and wear of these and other areas of mechanics and engineering. They are designed
to provide high performance in the most adverse conditions and are therefore subjected to testing under severely corrosive conditions in climatic chambers, complying with international standards. RLESA Especialidades offers several groups of products that vary based on the origin of the raw materials, formulations and intended use.

The CETRA®, CEVA® and CEDE® ranges are mineral-based petrolatum- or PJ-type (petroleum jelly) compounds that protect cables from corrosion, lubricate their interior and provide a certain degree of plasticity. They are suitably formulated to maintain their flexibility and adhesive qualities at very low temperatures in all kinds of metallic cables.

The CTA® range are products based on asphalt derivatives and thermoplastic polymers, such that they combine the watertight and anti-corrosion properties of asphalt with the plasticity and flexibility of polymers; this also contributes to reducing the friction between the cable and the pulleys. The quality of these compounds ensures that the effect of protecting the cable in adverse climatic conditions lasts a long time.

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