Quakercool 3750


QUAKERCOOL® 3750 is a high-performance emulsifiable metalworking fluid with a strong track record in heavy-duty machining and grinding operations that require high lubricity, cleanliness, cooling, and corrosion protection.

It is especially recommended for grinding rings and rollers for bearings, as well as difficult machining and grinding operations on cast iron and steel. This product is designed for soft water conditions (initial hardness of up to 180 ppm as CaCO3 ). A hard water version is available as QUAKERCOOL® 3750 HW.


  • Enhanced lubrication provides superior microfinish on high alloyed steel, while offering the versatility to handle heavy duty applications on typical ferrous alloys as well.
  • Quaker’s biostable technology easily achieves sump life of 12 months or more in well-maintained systems
  • Cleaner machines due to excellent detergency of product. Good fines handling properties and does not produce sticky residues. This results in better visibility and working conditions. Grinding wheels remain clean and free cutting
  • Low foaming micro-emulsion resists air entrapment decreasing the risk of pump cavitation and ensuring the fluid’s lubricating and cooling properties are delivered to the work zone. Prevents premature pump wear, improves quality and increases productivity
  • Tight micro-emulsion provides excellent tramp oil rejection and reduced dragout. Substantial savings from lower fluid consumption are reported compared to conventional emulsions.
  • Free of chlorine, sulfur, phenol, nitrite, and diethanolamine (DEA)

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Download Quakercool 3750 Technical Data Sheet

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