Q8 Heller

With our supply partner Q8Oils, Optimum Oils offers a superior range of hydraulic oils from the Q8 Heller range

Q8 Heller 32 | Q8 Heller 46 | Q8 Heller 68


  • ISO 11158, category HV
  • DIN 51524 part 3, category HVLP
  • AFNOR 48-603, category HV
  • ISO 6743-4, category HM
  • DIN 6743-4, category HR and HV
  • DIN 51507, category HVLP

Features & Benefits

  • Optimum anti-wear performance, based on a zincdiakyldithiophosphate additive
  • Wide application temperature range through low pour point and outstanding low and high temperature viscosity characteristics
  • Trouble-free operation due to the unique combination of outstanding demulsibility, foam, air release, hydrolytic stability and filterability characteristics

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Download Q8 Heller 32 Technical Data Sheet Download Q8 Heller 46 Technical Data Sheet Download Q8 Heller 68 Technical Data Sheet

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