Q8 Bach AHL

Low viscosity, heavy duty neat cutting fluid with active EP additive package

Product Description

Q8 BACH AHL is a low viscosity neat cutting oil with low odour characteristics. The additive treatment consists of a powerful active EP package and a heavy lubricity agent. The Q8 mist-reducing additive package is also incorporated in the formulation.


This product is recommended for deep hole and gun drilling and fine broaching operations on all really hard to machine steel alloys. The EP additive package provides boundary lubrication at the tool tip chip interface. This level of lubrication helps prevent the build up of edge and chip welding. It also dramatically reduces tool wear and machine power consumption.

Q8 Bach AHL is also recommended for honing operations using all grit sizes and types including those incorporating diamond materials. Traditional honing fluids are paraffin based and the cutting performance of this product is proven to be far superior.

The EP additive package is active at all temperatures and therefore excellent finishes can be achieved throughout the full range of speeds and feeds from the heaviest removal of stock right down to finishing with light cuts. The lubricity agent allows maximum contact of the fluid with the workpiece at all times. This helps eliminate judder and a poor finish when using exceptionally big cuts and high feed rates.

Q8 BACH AHL gives excellent performance on all steels including high tensile, high alloy steels, and stainless. It is not suitable for use with non-ferrous metals because of the active EP package.

Q8 BACH AHL is particularly recommended for use in machine shops where mist can be a problem. Uncontrolled machine shop mist can affect the health of machine operators. Mist also settles out on the surrounding environment creating an unhealthy working area.

Summary of Main Features and Benefits

  • First choice for deep hole drilling
  • Better honing performance than paraffin based products
  • Superb results on difficult materials
  • Very low tool wear
  • Excellent cutting performance
  • Pale colour
  • Low odour
  • Controls harmful mist formation

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