Have you seen our recent case on Q8 Oils Formula Truck 7000 range?

As Strategic Partner for Q8 Oils Optimum takes pleasure in offering two grades of Q8 Oils new top tier low-SAPS High Performance Synthetic Heavy Duty engine oil — Q8 Formula Truck 7000 FE 10W-30 and Q8 Formula Truck 7000 15W-40.

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An advance on previous lubricating oils, Q8 Formula Truck 7000 oils are better or equal to all aspects of the new ACEA Class E9-16 specification for Heavy Duty Diesel Engines (HDDE) and many other specifications including the American API CK-4 engine oil standard. The oil is formulated to achieve extended drain intervals, and with its low Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur formulation reflects EU regulations to protect the health of humanity and the environment, making it an essential lubricant for deriving the best outcomes from Euro VI engines.

Formula Truck 7000 15w40

Formula Truck 7000 FE 10w30