Optimum Oils Supply London Public Service Vehicle Operator A Cost Effective Engine Oil Solution For City Hybrid Vehicles – Q8 City Bus Oil 15W50

What was the situation? (Market Segment, Application, Machine/Equipment, Materials, Tooling, Filtration, Services etc.)
A large public service vehicle operator, operating 73 bus routes across central, west and south west London on behalf of Transport for London have added diesel hybrid vehicles to their extensive fleet of which they self-maintain. The hybrid vehicles engine has a specific lubrication specification requirement.

What was the problem? (Explain the problem and where possible the process in determining the root cause to the problem)
The customer required a cost effective product solution to meet OEM vehicle specification.

What was the solution? (Details of our proposal or recommendation)
Q8 City Bus Oil 15W50 has been specifically developed for Hybrid City Buses requiring a low SAPS synthetic 15W50 engine oil, the product is also compatible with bio-diesel. After discussions with the operators Chief Engineer and review of the product technical data it was decided that Q8 City Bus Oil would be supplied for the specific hybrid requirement.

How was the solution Implemented? (Include what we did as a service to the customer)
A barrel of Q8 City Bus Oil was delivered to the garages servicing the Hybrid vehicles, the product was also added to the customers managed service level sheet.

How did the Customer benefit? (Quantify savings in OEE, maintenance & repair, people, indirect materials & improvements in HSE etc.)
The customer was able to perform routine engine oil changes on their hybrid vehicles using Q8 City Bus Oil, complying to specification requirements however a more cost effective solution than the OEM own brand.

What was the conclusion?
The customer is totally satisfied with the product & service offered by Optimum and continue to buy.