How Houghton Hocut 4940 Enabled a Customer to Increase Revenues & Margins

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1. What was the situation? (Market Segment, Application, Machine/Equipment, Materials, Tooling, Filtration, Services etc)
A Precision Engineering Component Manufacturer in the North West of England received an enquiry for Valve Body machining in Aluminium 2011 – T6, a 5% copper alloyed material with typical tensile strength of 310 MPa and Rockwell Hardness of 110 HB and a sample batch was underway to demonstrate conformance to specification for a potential gain of a large order.
The machine selected to conduct the machining was a Mori Seiki NH 400 DCG CNC Machining Centre with a system capacity of 550 Ltrs complete with a filter conveyor and 70 bar high pressure pumping system. The customer resides in a water quality area of 60 dH (circa 100 ppm CaCO3)