How a major customer reduced Neat Cutting Fluid usage by 20% & Increased tool life by 10% by switching fluid to Quaker Houghton Macron 402 m-12

See how our customer significantly reduced their neat cutting fluid usage (-20%), increased tool life (+10%) plus diminishing misting and staining by switching to Quaker Houghton MACRON 402 m12.



  1. What was the situation? (Market Segment, Application, Machine/Equipment, Materials, Tooling, Filtration, Services etc.)

The customer operates in the Sub-Contract Engineering segment, and supplies a number of industries but most notably Hydraulics and associated components. The company operates a wide range of machine tools including 43 Sliding Head Lathes machines from Citizen,  Traub Index machines all running on neat cutting oil

Due to the nature of its business the company manufacture components from a variety of materials

  1. What was the problem? (Explain the problem and where possible the process in determining the root cause to the problem)

The company operates 24 hours on a “lights out system” it is imperative to maximize tool life particularly on stainless steel grade 304. The incumbent supplier was supplying 2 neat cutting fluids, one had a viscosity of 23 cost @40 c and was a dark brown colour causing staining of the machine with high drag out on the swarf. Another oil was supplied for more arduous operations. Tool life is closely monitored as the sliding head machines have a high degree of repeatability. It was a request to have 1 oil across the shop on Index machines and sliding Heads, with improved tool life and cleanliness. Occasionally when machining at high speeds and feeds the heat generated would cause the incumbent Oil to Smoke excessively and sometimes combust.

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