Q8 City Bus Engine Oil 15W-50 has been specifically developed for Volvo Hybrid City Buses requiring a low SAPS synthetic 15W-50 engine oil.


Q8 City Bus Engine Oil 15W-50 is designed for the lubrication of all Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI diesel engines equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or catalytic after treatment systems (such as SCR) operating on low sulphur diesel fuel (50 ppm or below) and under severe heavy duty conditions. Extended oil drain intervals as indicated by the OEM for high quality diesel engine oils can be applied.

The product is compatible with biodiesel and it is a low SAPS formulation that is suitable for certain gas engine applications.


  • Suitable for use in API CI-4, ACEA E6, ACEA E7 and ACEA E9 applications.


  • Specially-developed formulation for Volvo Hybrid City Buses running on biodiesel
  • Excellent biodiesel compatibility properties for easy starting during low temperatures
  • Excellent anti-wear performance to extend engine bearing life during start-stop city use
  • Combined ACEA E6, ACEA E7 and ACEA E9 applications
  • Minimizes diesel particulate filter (DPF/CRT) plugging
  • Protects catalytic after treatment systems (SCR)
  • Excellent protection against bore polishing and cam wear
  • Offers prolonged oil drain intervals and reduces maintenance costs
  • Provides quick lubrication after cold starting thus limiting engine wear
  • Prevents engine fouling due to combustion soot

Available in bulk, IBC, 208 or 20L packs

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Download CITYBUS 15W50 Technical Data Sheet

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