Our Suppliers

Our strategic supply partnerships with major oil companies allows us to offer a comprehensive range of automotive, industrial lubricants and associated fluids.

Whatever your sector, our network of trusted suppliers means that you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Automotive Suppliers

Since 2001, Q8Oils have been our chosen partner for the supply of fully OEM-approved automotive lubricants for the UK Bus & Coach market.

Q8Oils, part of Kuwait Petroleum International Lubricants, is a major player in the global lubricants market with one of the most comprehensive ranges in the industry. Their superior quality products are backed by the highest levels of after-sales and technical service. Q8Oils’ research and development team work closely with customers and OEMs to to enhance productivity and profitability.

Top!Blue are our chosen partners for the supply of AdBlue to the UK Bus and Coach market. With their many years of experience in this market, Top!Blue are second-to-none providers of cost-effective supply solutions.

Top!Blue is part of the Sinopec group and a direct subsidiary of Sichuan Meigeng Chemical, one of the largest manufacturers of Automotive Grade Urea (AGU).

Optimum has partnered with Petronas to supply ZF approved Ecolife gearbox oil to the UK Bus and Coach market. We are the sole UK agent for Tutela ATF 120, the only third party product approved by ZF to ZF TE-ML20E spec.


Quaker chemical are a worldwide supplier of metalworking fluids and fire resistant hydraulic oils. Their product quality is exceptional and they supply some of the largest companies in the world with technologically advanced soluble metalworking fluids and their Quentolubric range of fire resistant hydraulic oils.


As of September 2018 the Optimum group became one of two Houghton International Platinum partners covering the UK. Houghton International is a global leader in delivering advanced metalworking fluids and services for the automotive, aerospace, firearms, metals, mining, machinery, offshore and beverage industries. Houghton operates research & manufacturing in 33 countries around the world delivering fluid solutions that enable Optimum to increase profitability, improve product quality and minimise risk to our customers.   

Monroe are a US based company that specialise in soluble metalworking cutting fluids the performance of their fluids works across a wide range of applications and the perform at all levels they concentrate on producing products that give a very high level of customer acceptability and take away the confusion associated with not only using metal working fluids but choosing the correct fluid at the right time, Optimum are proud to be Monroe’s representative in the UK and Ireland.

Henkel global are a chemical specialities including their Bonderite LMR range of metalworking fluids, their technology is unique using their own chemistry to give exceptional life and performance from their metal working soluble oils

Q8Oils lubricants for manufacturing are of exceptional quality both in terms of lubrication and metal process fluids, their ind lubricants cover the wide spectrum of applications and activities their neat metal process cutting oils are of an exceptional quality working across the wide range of applications leading to high yield rates from manufacturing and high rates of user acceptability.



Optimum is the UK agent for NYCO, one of the world’s leading suppliers of gas turbine oils and fluids. Their experience in the aviations, land-based and marine industries with turbine fluids is second to none.