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About Optimum Oils

At Optimum, we aim to get it right first time, every time.

We’ve been providing products and services to our customers in the automotive and manufacturing industries since 1997. More than that, we provide the right products and the right services at the right time.

Our customers have a relationship with us that’s built on trust. They trust us to take the time to understand their business. We take that time and bring value that can be measured.

And we offer that same care to our new customers.

Talk to our experienced, expert team to get a solution that makes sense for your business, whatever stage you’re at. 

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Optimum Announcements

  • Product Of The Month - Optifluid HC5B - Base Oil - Mineral Seal Oil - Readily Available - Bulk & Packed - In Stock

    Optifluid HC5B – Base Oil – Mineral Seal Oil – Full Technical Data Sheet Below.

    Bulk – 5000L – Full Loads / Packed – 205L & IBC

    TDS HERE  Call 01242253333